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Pool Pro of Greenville, North Carolina
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There is an ever increasing variety of swimming pool and spa products available. Some are must-haves and others will make your pool and spa even more stunning and easy to look after. Pool Pro can supply most products to meet most needs, whether private or commercial, from basic items like pumps and skimmer baskets to the world's finest ranges of high quality underwater lights.

Covers are important for keeping your pool and spa as safe and clean as possible, including conserving the water temperature and reducing condensation. Automatic swimming pool covers are most in demand. Other essentials are automatic swimming pool cleaners, like the Polaris, filters such as Pentair, and automatic chlorination systems of which we supply the top brands. Please Contact us for advice about which accessories will best meet your particular needs. .

We supply all the swimming pool and spa chemicals you require, such as chlorine tablets and granules, algaecide, "shock", ph increaser and ph & alkalinity reducer as well as test strips.

So stop by today for all your swimming pool products!

Pool Products & Supplies

List of Products

These are just some of the products we offer. For a full list please visit our store located in Greenville, NC.

  • Above Ground Pools
  • In-Ground Pools
  • Spas
  • Floats
  • Chemicals
  • Liners
  • Auto Chlorinators
  • Auto Cleaners
  • Salt Systems
  • Winter Covers
  • Alarms
  • Lights
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Automatic Covers
  • Timers
  • Safety Covers
  • & Much Much More!

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